Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eviction Notice Served

Our little boy is getting an eviction notice served to him :)

To Ashton Thomas Stewart: please take note that on September 28th you will need to take up residence with your parents, Tim & Abigail Stewart. Take some time to sort out your affairs and make the necessary arrangements to give up your warm, comfy home in your mother's uterus . . .
Sincerely, The Management

He has today, tomorrow, & the weekend to get his act together, which includes packing up his belongings, and moving on out!

My midwife wants to induce starting Monday evening and into Tuesday morning. I'm not super crazy about the Pitocin, but it does mean that we get to see our boy and that I'm super duper crazy about!!

I really can't wait to meet our little one and see who he looks like. If I was a betting woman, I would say that my bet is on Tim, but we won't know until he appears either this weekend or on Tuesday.

He will be the only boy born at church - all the rest of the babies will be girls - that's 6 girls to our one little boy! whoa! Even my cousin, Lynsey, is having a girl.

That is just way too much estrogen to handle, so Tim & I thought we'd be the ones to add a little testosterone to the mix - haha!

Excitement & joy are very palpable at our house!

If you are in need of some excitement and joy, please make your way over to our home and we will be glad to provide you with some.

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