Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Catching Up . . .

Whew! *wiping brow*

I'm out of breath
Could be because I haven't exercised in 9 months plus . . . but let's not go there.

Time for me to catch up on all that's been happening here at la maison de Stewart ;)

Thanksgiving has gone and it's now time to bust out the Christmas decorations, but first let me update you on what the youngest member of the Stewart family is doing . . . which is all you really care about anyway (if you are honest with yourself and take a deep look inside *wink, wink*)

Ashton is now 9 weeks old . . . (pics to follow) which is incredible!

That means he's been breathing oxygen with his little lungs now for 63 days! (that's if my math is correct but then again, math has never been my strong suit)

Make that very strong and loud lungs filled with oxygen, but I digress.

Here are the things he can do right about now:
Kick his legs VERY energetically (not very ideal when it's diaper time)

Move his arms just as enthusiastically as his legs, except he hits himself in the face gets a puzzled expression and moves on . . .

Hold his head up a little bit more than he could, say, last week (we're working on the whole "tummy time" thing . . . he's not a big fan right now . . . would much rather stare at stuff on his back)

Notice when mommy's head pops up over the side of the pack 'n' play (which doubles as our bassinet) and follow her head as she tries to stay out of range ;)

Get fussy when it's naptime and he doesn't want to nap but then have the nerve to smile a big, toothless, heart-melting smile . . . who's kid is this anyway?

Here are some things he CAN'T do right now:
Sit up unassisted
Eat solid food
Drive a car
Have a credit card

More to come . . .

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