Thursday, March 18, 2010

Waving Hello!

Our baby must be a very social little creature because he/she keeps waving every time I have a sonogram!!

I went for a detailed ultrasound today so they could take measurements and see if baby is on track for development and rule out anything "suspicious" I also had some blood work done, but that's minor compared to the really great part - the ultrasound!

I thought it would be in 3-D since it was a detailed ultrasound, but it was not to be. I am a little sad that it wasn't but just to get another peek at baby Stewart was pretty awesome! He/she is getting bigger and looking more like what he/she will when we meet him/her in September!

The sonogram/ultrasound made me want to cry, but I need to calm down and not jiggle my belly because then the technician couldn't get a good picture. It was just so amazing to see the little arm, with the little fingers and the technician showed me the top of the head with the brain, the belly, and then the legs and feet - talk about wanting to bawl my eyes out!!

So, I am waiting to hear about the bloodwork they did and I'm praying it will be good news - would you pray with me also? I would certainly appreciate it (and I know that Tim would too!)

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