Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bit of a Scare

Monday morning (June 7th), we had a bit of a scare . . . I thought I was having contractions and that the baby was going to come WAY too early . . . BUT, it turned out to be a yeast infection that was triggering cramping/contraction-like sensations, plus I could have what is called "irritable uterus" and as the baby gets bigger, my uterus may not like it so much :P

A BIG sigh of relief was breathed by myself, my in-laws (who took me to the midwife because Tim wasn't feeling well) and Tim. Praise God it was something minor and that the baby is safe and sound to cook for 15 more weeks!

The baby's heartbeat was normal and my belly measured "spot on" for my gestational week (24 weeks and 26" at the time of measurement on Monday).

All is going well and I've finished up my course of medicine for my infection . . . now we wait and watch as the thermometer reaches higher and higher . . . much to my chagrin, but I need to take my lumps with dignity.

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