Monday, June 28, 2010

Just An Update . . . .

I've been a bad blogger lately . . . haven't updated in a few weeks (maybe more!) and it's almost the end of June . . . wow, time has flown and such a slacker am I :P

Baby is growing along just fine . . . according to my ticker, it says he is 2 lbs. and is starting to form eyelashes. Personally, I thought they were part of the deal when the eyeballs formed, but I guess not. Who knew? Our God is an awesome God that He has put every piece of our baby together at just the right time . . . . it just blows my mind and puts me in awe of such a Creator.

He is a very busy boy, more and more during the day, and seems to sleep at night when I do, which is good (from what I hear). He still gets shy when Tim tries to feel where he is "pounding" away on his mama, which I think is interesting . . . does he know that it's not my hand on my belly?

Tim is so cute when he talks to his son (or my belly, rather) . . . telling him this, that and the other. . . for example, telling him he needs to be a good boy and not kick his mama quite so hard at night . . . it does bring a tear to my eye because this little boy is loved so by his daddy.

I go for my 28 week appointment next Tuesday and it's the lovely glucose test . . . yipee! I also have less than 100 days now . . . it's about 88 days now (according to the ever reliable ticker). I can hardly believe that in about 13 weeks, we will get to meet our little boy!! How exciting!

I promise I will try and be a better blogger (cross my heart and all that jazz) :)

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